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SoYouStart availability checker – Dedicated Servers

18 Apr 15

Tired of checking every day the dedicated server availability of So You Start? Yeah, I got tired too so I decided to create a custom script to help me on this.

I tried other services without luck so I decided to share this script hoping it will make your life easier and happier!

What you need:

  • Linux Server with installed
    • curl
    • sed
    • jsawk (it needs spidermonkey installed, so for Ubuntu users just install the packages libmozjs-24-binlibmozjs-24-devlibmozjs-24-0)
      If jsawk returns “js command not found”, create a symbolic link with:
      sudo ln -s /usr/bin/js24 /usr/bin/js
  • Mailgun (I used mailgun to make my life easier, but you can choose other ways to send the e-mail notification)

Here below the bash code I wrote:

[code lang=”bash”]#!/bin/bash
func () {
curl –silent | sed ‘s/Request.JSONP.request_map.request_0(//’ | sed ‘s/);//’ | jsawk ‘for(var availability=””,d=0;d<this.answer.availability.length;d++)if(“$server”===this.answer.availability[d].reference)for(var thisisyou=this.answer.availability[d],c=0;c<thisisyou.metaZones.length;c++)”unavailable”!==thisisyou.metaZones[c][/c].availability&&(availability+=”Zone “+c+”: “+thisisyou.metaZones[c][/c].zone+”\n”);return availability;’
if [ “$var” != “” ]
curl -s –user ‘api:key-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ -F from=’Name Surname <[email protected]>’ -F [email protected] -F subject=’SOYOUSTART ALERT’ -F text=$var

Things to change in the code:

  • Line 2 – “server” variable: this value needs to be changed depending on the server you’re interested to check.
    How to retrieve this code? Directly from the HTML template of
    The previous image is an example of how to retrieve the server code for the Server SYS-IP-1.
  • Line 9 – MailGun API key and URL: as I already said, I used mailgun to simplify the email submit, you can change it with the service/command you prefer.
    A valid alternative could be using the ancient “mail” command (if not already installed sudo apt-get install mailutils)
    Then change the Curl call with:
    echo $var  |  mail -s “SOYOUSTART ALERT” [email protected]

Last steps:

  1. make the bash file executable (of course 🙂
  2. add it to the crontab

That’s it 🙂