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ETIMEDOUT nodejs mysql

28 Feb 16

Hi man,
If you came here searching for an error like this: “Error: connect ETIMEDOUT at Connection._handleConnectTimeout” when querying a MySQL server using node, maybe you’re in the right place šŸ™‚

Are you using node-mysql?Ā Drop it away and switch to node-mysql2.

Why? Well, maybe there’s an explicable reason, but in my case I couldn’t find any reasonable reason šŸ™‚

This is what I tried before switching to node-mysql2:

  • increased connection timeout on node-mysql
  • increased connection timeout on mysql server
  • several code modification without any luck

If you have other guesses, please be my guest and leave a comment!


Telecom Italia ADSL Fibra Scraper

06 Mag 15

Come per So You Start, anche Telecom e le varieĀ TELCO non forniscono nessun servizio di avviso di nuovi servizi disponibili per la propria utenza/zona di residenza.
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SoYouStart availability checker – Dedicated Servers

18 Apr 15

Tired of checking every day the dedicated server availability of So You Start? Yeah, I got tired too so I decided to create a custom script to help me onĀ this.

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