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The best candidate must be… positive.

09 Apr 16

I rewrote this post too many times reaching the conclusion that I must be (as always) less verbose and more conclusive. I started writing an open letter to the HR Managers, but since I don’t like people who write things they don’t know, I followed a simple rule: just talk about your experience. And so, I did.

Basically what I wanted to say is: your best candidate (not talking of management positions) doesn’t need to match all the points you’ve listed into the job posting.

The best candidate just needs to be:

  • a smart guy
  • a positive guy
  • .. and must have a feel for that job

Just it, and I can prove it to you with a lot of examples.

A smart candidate can learn and a positive candidate can absolutely accomplish tasks which are considered impossible. I know, maybe you’re thinking that I’m simplifying the question, but I assure you that in my, let’s say short, experience I always found a strong feeling with positive colleagues/collaborators, who helped me reach some of the most important goals in my career.

In the opposite, working with negative, pessimistic and non-enthusiastic persons makes everything more difficult.

Just an example:

Me: “Let’s do this! C’mon it will be fun, I know that this is not going to be easy but..”

Other guy: “Well, I don’t know.. I’m not sure that is possible. So, why bother?”

No, I can’t live with this sort of approach. And this is not even healthy for the companies that must always run, stay updated, and that need to be disruptive in order to stay competitive on the market.

My 2 cents.