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RISE Coin New Consensus – Consecutive Missed Blocks

29 Dic 18

Hi everyone!

Probably not everyone know what RISE is.
Long story short: RISE is a powerful Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain.

The latest core version (1.3.x) introduced very interesting news to the ecosystem:

  • Productivity as ranking factor: missing blocks now changes your delegate vote weight!
  • Delegate banning: if you miss to forge 85 blocks in row, your delegate will be prevented to forge. (banned forever)
  • Active delegates pool modification: forging delegates pool increased from 101 to 199!
  • Fair vote weight (not currently used by RISE, but an improvement for future developments)

What – in my opinion – is very cool about this new consensus, it’s the Delegate banning!
That’s why I wanted to create a very simple webservice in order to highlight even better which are the delegates that are risking to get banned from the blockchain, causing their votes weight to be set “free”, and finally increasing the forging probability of the other active delegates!

Here’s you can find the website:

Hope you’ll like it!

Copertura Fibra Ottica in Italia

16 Lug 16

[UPDATE – 12/2018] Sito messo offline per non possibilità di utilizzare più data-source “pubbliche” 🙂

L’ossessione per la copertura FTTC negli ultimi anni sta aumentando, proprio perchè l’infrastruttura internet italiana è stata eccessivamente trascurata negli ultimi decenni e l’utilizzo moderno di internet è sempre più “bandivoro”.

Per chi non ha la fortuna di vivere nei principali centri italiani, sa benissimo che è difficile rimanere aggiornati sulla possibilità di avere un accesso internet più performante.

Motivo per cui ho voluto creare il sito per la Copertura Fibra Ottica in Italia, proprio per aiutare le persone a rimanere costantemente aggiornate sulla copertura in fibra ottica nella propria città.

E’ online da maggio 2015, ed un po’ alla volta ci aggiungo features sempre più interessanti..

Fatevi un giro 😉

The best candidate must be… positive.

09 Apr 16

I rewrote this post too many times reaching the conclusion that I must be (as always) less verbose and more conclusive. I started writing an open letter to the HR Managers, but since I don’t like people who write things they don’t know, I followed a simple rule: just talk about your experience. And so, I did.

Basically what I wanted to say is: your best candidate (not talking of management positions) doesn’t need to match all the points you’ve listed into the job posting.

The best candidate just needs to be:

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Temporarily unreachable – Google Search Console GWT

26 Mar 16

Are you getting struggled from the Temporarily unreachable error into your Google Webmaster Tools – Search Console?

It’s unbelievable that if you google this problem you will only find the obvious: “don’t worry, it’s a temporary problem”, or “your site is penalized

Well, in my case, everything that I found on the web didn’t fit with my situation.

New domain, new server, and since I used CloudFlare to cache everything I was worried that the problem was really CloudFlare itself.

I checked everything: DNS, Server Connection, Routing issues, etc. –  without any luck.

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Big Data is like teenage sex

02 Mar 16

Big Data quote of the Day (old but gold)

Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it